Learning Journey Report

In the Learning Journey Report, you can filter on Learning Journey, Cohortand Suspended user to see a detailed report of Completions of users.

How to see the Learning Journey Report   

  1. Open the admin menu.
  2. Click on Reports.
  3. Click on "Learning Journey Report ".

What do the colors and text mean 

  1. Not Started: The user is enrolled into the course but has not started yet.
  2. In Progress(Orange): The user is enrolled and has started the course.
  3. Recompletion Required(Orange): The person is in the Grace Period and is due to complete the course again.
  4. Recompletion Required(Red): The user has tot do the course again.
  5. 01-01-2000(Green): The completion date is still valid.
  6. 01-01-2000(Red): The completion date has expired.