What is edloomio?

Edloomio is a cloud learning platform built for companies who need a quick and flexible learning solution. For example employee training, customer education or monetize learning. With edloomio, you simply activate the features you need, when you need them. Edloomio enables you to launch your academy in minutes.

What can I do with edloomio?

Need an academy for your specific learning goals? Cool! We can help. You can use edloomio to:

  • Train employees: Create or import courses, enrol and invite your employees.
  • Educate customers: Create courses or use the knowledge base and educate your customers about your products or services.
  • Develop talents: Set personal goals and perform annual evaluations
  • Onboard new hires: Setup training paths for new employees.
  • Sell learning: Activate Stripe or PayPal and sell access to your courses.
  • Compliance training: Build-in certification including automated recurring recertification with detailed reporting. 

Who uses edloomio?

  • Training managers: who need an easy solution to create and deliver training.
  • QHSE managers: who need to train employees on a global scale.
  • Compliance managers: who need a certification overview of the employees.
  • HR managers: who need to launch L&D programs in their organization.
  • Training Agencies: who need a platform to sell acces to their training courses.

What makes edloomio so special?

You decide what features you need, when you need them, to achieve your learning goals. All-in-one platform that easy for everyone in your company to use.