Main Features Explained

What is each feature for?

Edloomio has different features which enable you to achieve different learning goals. You can activate (or deactivate) features when you need them.

  • Course builder: Create interactive courses by adding and combining activities.
  • Certification: Automated PDF generated certificates based on completion criteria.
  • Training Path: Combine courses in training paths.
  • Knowledge Base: Create articles and add attachments. The knowledge base is fully integrated and even externally accessible via a widget.
  • Goals: Set personal goals for employees who show talent.
  • Evaluations: Schedule and perform annual performance evaluations.
  • Explore: Artificial intelligence powered YouTube video recommendations based on your learning.
  • Gamification: Add points and a leaderboard to stimulate competition.
  • Newsletters: Create, schedule and send newsletters.
  • Messaging: One-to-one or group messaging.
  • Reporting: Quick and flexible reporting including exporting to Excel.

What features do I get with each plan?

All our plans include all features. Awesome! We know. 😎