Why is my course not getting to 100%

If your course is not getting to 100%, do the following steps to see if you can solve the problem by yourself.


Check if you have completed all activities
  1. Open the course.
  2. Check if you completed all activities in the course, you can see this by the green checkmark in the course page or in the course itself in the left menu. When an activity is completed you see a green checkmark, if you don't see it you did not complete or answer all the questions correct 
Note: Sometimes it can take some time for the courses to switch to 100% when all activities are completed, wait a few minutes before checking the course again.

If you completed all activities, and it's still not getting to 100%, it could be that you forgot to click on the certificate in the course.
  • Check if you completed all course activities before the certificate activity, if you did, go to the certificate (in the course) and open the certificate and click on it. The course should now be 100% completed.

If you are still not able to solve the problem after doing all the above steps, contact the helpdesk.