Landing Pages

Landing pages enables you to use the power of storytelling. It will help you convert visitors into learners.

Enable Landing Page feature

First enable the Landing Page feature.

  • Open the admin menu
  • Click on features.
  • Set the Landing Page feature to yes.

Now a new menu item "Landing Pages"  appears in the admin menu.

Add a Landing Page

In the admin menu, click on Landing Pages and then "Manage Landing Pages".

Here you will see an overview of the existing landing pages.

Click on the "Add Page" button to start creating a new landing page.

Fill in the required settings:

  • Page Title: This will display on the landing page.
  • Status: Show (page is visible) or Hide (Hidden in draft)
  • Type: Public (everyone can view the page) or Private (only registered users can see the page). When Private is selected, you can select cohorts. When a cohort is selected, only users of that cohort will be able to view this landing page.

When your landing page is created, it will appear on the "Manage Landing Pages" screen. Click on "Modify Content" to start building your landing page. You can build the landing page with our easy drag and drop snippet builder.

When you are ready, you can share the unique URL of your landing page via email or newsletters to the people who you want to attract.