The Gamification feature enables you to add points to courses and a leaderboard to stimulate competition between users.

How to Enable Gamification Feature

First enable the Knowledge Base feature.

  1. Open the admin menu.
  2. Click on features.
  3. Set the Gamification Feature to yes.

Now a new menu item "Gamification"  appears in the admin menu. Here you can view the leaderboard.

How to Add Points to Courses

  1. Open the course you want to add point to.
  2. Click on "Course Settings" to open the setting.
  3. Go tot the Gamification Section.
  4. Press on the Gamification section to unfold.
  5. Select the amount of points you want to add to the course.
  6. Click on Save and display.

Users will now receive points when completing the course.


Users can access the leaderboard via their profile screen. Note that users only see other users from their own cohorts.