Manage course categories

Course categories not only help you organise your courses, it can also be used to make courses visible of specific cohorts.

To manage the course categories please follow these steps:

  1. Open the admin menu.
  2. Click on β€œManage categories"
  3. On this screen you see an overview of existing categories.
  4. Next to each category, you see the action menu:
    1. Edit: change the parent category, the name and the description.
    2. Manage courses: Assign or remove courses from the category. Note: a course can belong to 1 category.
    3. Hide/Show: Change the visibility of the category. Note: When you hide the category, all courses in that category are hidden.
    4. Delete: When you delete a category that has courses, you have the option to move the courses into a different category or delete the courses also.