Import course completion dates

You can manually import course completion dates by uploading a csv file. If the user is not enrolled into the course, he will be enrolled automatically when you import the course completion date.

The csv file

First you will need to create you csv file. This can be done in Excel or in Google Sheets. Make sure when you export your file, please use csv file, UTF-8 and comma delimiter.

Your csv file must have specific column headers, so edloomio will recognise them and import the data from the rows.

Your csv file should have the following column headers: username,course1,completiondate1

In the rows of column username, you enter the email address of the user.

In the rows of column course1, you enter the shortname of the course.

In the rows of column completiondate1, you enter the date in format dd-mm-yyyy

An example would be:



You can add multiple courses by adding columns: course2,completiondate2,course3,completiondate3, etc.

An example would be:



Also adding new users

It is also possible to create new users while importing course completion dates. In this case, your csv file should have the following column headers: username,firstname,lastname,email,course1,completiondate1

By default, the username is also the email.

Export your csv file

When you export your file, please use

  • save as or export as csv file
  • Encoding: UTF-8
  • comma delimiter

How to upload

  1. Open the admin menu.
  2. Click on users.
  3. Click on Import.

In the following screen, you see a preview of the upload. If you only updating existing users, select this option in the first setting. All other settings must be set to “No”. The reason is you are not changing any user details, only adding the course completion dates. If you are adding new users, select the correct settings accordingly.

If the preview is ok, press the upload button to start importing the course completion dates.