Restrict access to activities of my course

How to restrict the access to activities of your course.

Create a quiz with random questions

This manual describes how to create a quiz with random questions.

Import course completion dates

You can manually import course completion dates by uploading a csv file.

Hide a course

How to hide a course.

Automatic course recompletion

Set up automatic course recompletion forcing users to recomplete the course.

Archive course completion

How to archive course completion dates of users.

Delete course completion

How to delete the course completion of a user.

Manage course categories

How to manage course categories.

Course approval enrollment

The course approval enrollment gives you the option to require approval of a manager before the user is enrolled into the course.

Stripe payment

Request Stripe payment to access your course.

Course Completion Reminder

How to set up the course Completion Reminder

Code Enrollment

How to set up Code Enrollment