Compliance Activity

Display a PDF and enter a legal text below it on which the user needs to agree on. Once agreed, it’s marked completed for the user including a timestamp.

How to add and setup 

  1. Go to your course.
  2. Click on "Edit Content" and click on the plus icon in the section where you want to add the activity.
  3. Search for the compliance activity and click on it.
  4. Fill in the required fields:
    1. Name: The title of the activity.
    2. Select PDF: Upload a PDF to display.
    3. Add Terms & Condition: Here you need to fill in a legal text on which the user needs to comply to. For example: I have read the documentation and agree to it.
    4. Add Submit Button Text: Enter a short text on which the user needs to click. For example: I agree to this.

Additional settings

  • Restrict Access: You can add a restriction to this activity. For example a date or the completion of a different activity first.

Once you are ready, click on "Save and display" to view the result.