New Support.

In a recent study of our support efforts, we concluded that many questions we receive from learners are questions about the content of courses. As we don’t create these courses, many questions take a long time to answer. To offer the best support to learners, it’s important that the learners' questions are sent to the creators of the courses. Therefore we decided to change our support. 

In the next update, a new support feature will be available in edloomio. After enabling the feature, you go to the support settings. Here you can enter an email address and instructions for your learners to get answers to their questions. A new menu item "Support" will become visible. Here your learners will find a form. When they fill in this form, an email is send to the email address you set up. This way you can communicate with your learners directly.

Our blue support chat widget will only be available for managers and administrators. This change enables us to offer the best possible support for everybody in the system.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

*Update 23 nov 2021*

We had several questions regarding the password change of user accounts. We still offer login support to all users. On the login page, there is a support button that takes you to the help center. Here all users can contact us regarding their passwords.